• To engage, challenge and inspire all children so that they truly believe that they can succeed in Maths;
  • To build confidence, resilience and a passion for Maths;
  • For children to make links with their classroom learning and real life so that they appreciate the importance of Maths to them;
  • Equip children with a secure foundation in all aspects of maths, particularly number, so that they are secondary ready;
  • For our children to be proficient at reciting and applying times tables up to 12 x 12.



We use the Maths mastery approach which supports children to develop a deeper conceptual understanding of what they are doing, why there are doing it, and to explain what they know in a variety of ways. Our maths curriculum is planned based on our secure knowledge and understanding of each child and their needs, and is crafted with clarity and purpose to meet those needs: both within a lesson and across a series of lessons. Presented in a variety of ways (including pictorial, concrete, abstract representations) and across a range of contexts, each lesson provides children with the opportunity to develop their fluency, reasoning and problem-solving skills, where discussion and explanation of ideas are valued.


When teaching Maths for mastery, the whole class moves through topics at broadly the same pace. We believe in differentiation through depth rather than acceleration: those pupils who grasp concepts quickly are challenged with rich and sophisticated problems within the topic; those children who are not sufficiently fluent are provided additional support to consolidate their understanding before moving on.  Our planning closely follows the ‘White Rose Maths scheme.’