At the Henslow School we aim to transform our students into adept mathematicians by ensuring that all lessons are fun, have practical elements and real-life application. Many of our students come to us with negative experiences in Mathematics and it is our aim to develop student confidence, perseverance and resilience. This is aided by individualised plans for student progression, which allows them to make progress at their own rate and fulfil their potential.

Using Nrich’s (Cambridge University Mathematics) definition of what makes a mathematician, our starter activities focus on one area per week, ensuring students develop the skills of exploring, questioning, working systematically, visualising, conjecturing, explaining, generalising, justifying and proving their reasoning. At the Henslow School we believe that we learn better when we are curious, resourceful, resilient and collaborative. All groups use these activities to develop team work and to give a class focus before students continue on their individual plans.

When students leave the Henslow School it is our intention that they will have the mathematical qualifications they need to help them with their lives. Alongside an understanding that Mathematics is a life skill that helps to make things easier and will support their future career.