Music & Art


Music is food for the soul, it enlightens us, feeds our creative juices, helps us to relax, reduces anxiety, brings us together, and can even ease pain. At the Henslow School we embrace music in its widest form, from the basics of rhythms, learning to play different instruments, reading music or making music using software, to a much broader appreciation of music, its links to history, culture and our human origins.

Music can be explored and delivered in such a wide variety of ways that it can truly be delivered to engage all student learning styles, but at the Henslow School Music offers a mostly practical platform for students to develop their appreciation. Music is global and in learning to read rhythms and notation it can broaden students understanding of a shared language and global connectivity.

An appreciation of music is a lifelong relationship and in helping individual students to explore their personal taste in music we aim to help them begin this lifelong relationship, so that Music can continue to sustain and support their journey through life.


Art and Design

Art allows humans to create intense beauty and enables powerful emotional responses. It is the essence of what separates us from the remainder of the animal kingdom otherwise known as the ‘human spirit’. Participation and engagement in Art at our school, fosters a greater sensitivity to life and people, compassion, gentleness and respect for others, planting the seeds of equality.

Artists and Designers are in fact historians, geographers, sociologists, psychologists, therapists, scientists, mathematicians, foreign and English literature/ language students, technologists, and are necessarily physically aware and skilled. Art is built on the foundation blocks of ideas. It stimulates people to develop ideas beyond the normal margins of acceptability and to develop them successfully for continuation and progression of all living things.

Students who study Art and Design at the Henslow School have an opportunity to develop visual skills and a mode of enquiry that encourages open mindedness and creativity. All successful modern economies have their roots in Art and Design and value ‘Ideas People’.