• To provide an engaging, coherent curriculum that will build, develop and promote their knowledge of the world around them;
  • To develop a sense of excitement and curiosity about natural phenomena;
  • To give children the confidence to question, explore, plan and carry out experiments;
  • To be able to record experiments in a standard scientific way e.g. using the classic terms of equipment, prediction, method, result, conclusion;
  • To be able to describe scientific processes and key characteristics in everyday language but also be familiar with, and use, technical terminology with increasing accuracy;
  • To build up and be confident to use specialist scientific vocabulary.


Science is taught through our carefully designed creative curriculum and covers most of the content of the national curriculum. 'Doing' Science is our philosophy and the majority of lessons will have a practical element, which is often based in our fully equipped Science classroom.

In Key Stage One, pupils observe, explore and ask questions about living things, materials and the world around them. They begin to work together to collect evidence to help them answer questions, find patterns, classify and group objects, research using a variety of sources and carry out simple testing. They share their ideas and communicate them using scientific language, drawings, charts and tables.

In Key Stage Two, pupils build on their knowledge and will extend their scientific knowledge about the world around them further through exciting units of work like 'Burps, Bottoms and Bile' where pupils go on a voyage of discovery to investigate the busy world inside the human body. Pupils will carry out a range of scientific enquiries including: observations over time, pattern seeking, classifying, grouping and researching. Children in Key Stage Two learn to plan science investigations and begin to control variables where necessary to make it a fair test. Our children are encouraged to record their experiments in a uniform way and we provide them with a recording template, until they are confident to do this without support.