Many of our young people have experienced significant trauma in their early life and as a result develop attachment difficulties and display complex and challenging behaviours. The Henslow and Evolution school has developed its own behaviour management programme called Reflective Therapeutic Intervention (RTI) to ensure staff are fully equipped to manage challenging behaviour and to understand behaviour in a way that develops resilient and supportive adults. This training is delivered during induction as a three-day course and is then updated regularly.

RTI along with attachment theory training, provides staff with an understanding of why young people may present with challenging behaviour; techniques to de-escalate difficult situations; physical intervention skills to manage young people if safety requires it and only as a last resort; as well as approaches to develop reflective practice with young people that reduce the likelihood of further challenging behaviour occurring.

All staff within New Reflexions and the school are trained in exactly the same way ensuring a consistent approach to behaviour management which allows young people to feel safe.

As part of Reflective Therapeutic Intervention young people are invited to reflect on areas of difficulty and to explore ways of better managing challenging or uncomfortable situations. Where commissioned, young people also have access to New Reflexions therapy team who work collaboratively with the school and offer one to one sessions to ensure a therapeutic approach to the way every young person is supported. The school also offers space for pastoral support where young people appear to develop a trusting relationship with individual adults and this space can be used to explore how we can support them to get the most out of their time at school and to develop their personal skills for the future.

The school seeks to celebrate successes of all types and to offer students a clean slate, whilst learning from the past, in order that everyone can move forward positively. Every student’s journey is different and behaviour management requires just the same bespoke consideration as student timetables and educational programmes. The school has clear expectations for everyone but will vary the techniques it uses to support young people, based on what works best for that individual.

Please also see our Positive Behaviour Policy.