Feedback about the school


We would like to share some of the amazing feedback we have had over the years from a range of stakeholders:


When asked how they thought the school had responded to the Covid pandemic, the virtual school officer wrote 

With great flexibility and creativity, always ensuring children’s individual needs are at the forefront of plans.

Virtual School officer


“A fantastic education setting. Excellent outcomes for the children. Superb communication and staff that really know the children. I’ve lost count of how often I have recommended you!“

Virtual School officer



“My son attended The Evolution Centre after having bad experiences elsewhere.  He was a very angry boy who hated school and everything to do with it, in his words "he was never going again".  When he went to The Evolution Centre he was told very clearly, if you do what is expected of you will be able to do out of school activities as part of your programme.  Jacqui never backed down on what she said and this was so good for him.  She was firm, but very fair, and when he faced difficulties, she made adjustments to help the situation.  My son attended school and did his work, he came away with exam results better than he could of expected. He excelled at the garage and with his hard work and attitude towards work he's now secured an apprenticeship there.  If it hadn’t been for The Evolution Centre that wouldn’t have been possible.  I never thought I would be writing this about my son, I can’t thank Jacqui and her team enough, they have totally turned things around for him.  I can’t recommend the school enough”. 



The teachers always have an adaptive teaching style to support and educate my young person’s complex needs. Excellent communication is kept between the head teacher and myself to ensure any current issues are shared immediately.



"Once again it was a positive meeting, it is clear you and your staff know him so well and really are ensuring he reaches his potential, thank you".



All the members of staff seem to be working with a consistent approach to the young person - celebrating achievements.  There is more hope for the future of this young person as all staff have developed a good understanding of the needs and there is a plan in place for progression.



The school has given this young man the opportunity to learn in a safe and nurturing environment.  The staff are incredibly skilled and passionate about giving the young people aspirations for a great future.  The change in the young person has been quite remarkable during his time at the Evolution Centre and now he actually enjoys learning and achieving.



You understood my learning issues (dyslexia). In my last school I didn’t get enough time from people to understand me. You went back to basics. The reading pen was useful for a while because it allowed me to be independent, I don’t need it now.

Year 11 Student.


“The Evolution Centre has been extremely effective in supporting our young person to achieve positive outcomes within his education. Given the limited time remaining in his academic studies, the Evolution Centre enabled our young person to leave Year 11 with a number of qualifications and nationally recognised awards which is a fantastic achievement given the time constraints. The Evolution Centre adopted various strategies to support the student to attend and engage within the school environment, including out of hours schooling, after school clubs, home tuition and one to one educational support.”



I am so pleased with my young person’s progress at The Evolution Centre, one year ago she had not been in any form of education for over a year and has now, with the support of the school, completed 5 GCSE’S.