Transition & Year 9 Options

The aim for all of our students is to prepare for a return to mainstream education, for some this might occur during their secondary education and for others it might be post 16 or later. The school is registered for students up to 18 and can therefore provide some students with more time to prepare for this transition if required. If young people are ready to return to mainstream education then we would always aim to do this prior to the start of Key Stage Four, in order that they have continuity for their examination subjects. 

Students approaching Key Stage Four will have the opportunity to explore their career pathway through their weekly careers lesson. All of our programmes are bespoke to each individual student and if there is something that they really want to do we will make every effort to provide it. For example, this has in the past included a student studying Japanese, another becoming accredited in mountain bike maintenance and a third completing a Land Management qualification. 

All students have to follow courses in English, Maths, Science (Biology), PSHE, IT and PE. We also offer all students a home cooking BTEC qualification to ensure they are prepared for moving into independence. Beyond this we have a range of options such as Art, Child Development, Music, Arts Award and a range of Outdoor Education qualifications.