Remote Learning & Homework

For some of our young people the school environment may feel too pressured and stressful and they may need an opportunity to build relationships first before being taught at school. Whilst we hope that all of our learners can benefit from subject specialists, sometimes a familiar face is an easier way to get started. This means that lessons can be delivered away from the school site to support a transition. 

During Covid19 there have been periods of time where everyone has had to work, study and learn from home. At these times we continue to offer a bespoke approach to suit individuals, with teacher's making contact on a daily basis to support home study through blended learning styles to suit each student. 

Homework is an important part of developing independence and in preparation for post 16 learning. It is however only useful when it is valued by the student and teacher, is a meaningful part of the learning journey and can be completed largely unaided. Again the school's approach is designed to suit each individual student on their own learning pathway.