Modern Foreign Languages


  • To develop an interest in Hispanic culture;
  • To have the confidence to speak in Spanish;
  • To begin to read and write in Spanish;
  • To provide the foundation for learning further languages and to inspire the children to want to study languages at secondary school and perhaps to work in other countries.


Our curriculum is based on a range of run and purposeful activities such as storytelling, singing, playing games, food tasting and role-play and where appropriate vocabulary is linked to our topics. In addition to the children's weekly lessons, the expectation is that all staff support learning by using simple Spanish words and phrases, which are also displayed throughout the common areas in school. Our library contains a range of Spanish books and our provision is further enhanced with our annual Spanish Day.

We currently employ an experienced specialist Spanish teacher, who teaches weekly lessons to all our children. We have the ability to bespoke our teaching provision to support children who may arrive being able to speak fluent Spanish or to give children who may not have studied it before, additional support.