What Shropshire Offers

You may be reading reading this from a far flung corner of the UK and if so Shropshire may be new to you. If you have never visited before then you are missing out on a real gem!

With a fairly central location, Shropshire is in easy reach of both the north and the south, situated at the end of the M54 motorway; links to the main motorway network are quick and easy.

Shropshire is a beautiful, rural county with lots of green spaces, interesting history and plenty of things to do. It’s county towns such as Shrewsbury and Ludlow are varied and offer an urban feel but with less of the risk associated with the UK’s larger cities and conurbations for looked after children.

Children placed in Shropshire benefit from lots of fresh air and outdoor activities as well as access to a wide range of sports, clubs and visitor attractions. Here are a few of the best to wet your appetite:


The Henslow and Evolution School has also developed links with a range of alternative providers which allows us to offer students opportunities beyond the standard curriculum. This includes access to regular outdoor education, a farm placement which supports students to study land based management and sporting opportunities.