• To encourage children to become responsible, competent, confident computer users whilst using computational thinking and creativity;
  • Be able to understand historical concepts and future progression for computing;
  • To be able to confidently use technology across a range of other subjects;
  • For our children to be able to function in today's technological society safely and competently;
  • To be able to apply their touch typing skills effectively.


We offer a broad and balanced computing curriculum, where we focus on the following: Digital Literacy, Information Technology, programming, data and algorithms and E-Safety. E-Safety is a theme which runs permeates all aspects of the computing curriculum.

We also teach this as a discreet unit because it is vital that we equip our children with the knowledge and skills to remain safe, whilst navigating the wide range of apps, websites and devices they may have access to. Our school has all the necessary safeguards in place re restricted access and this is reviewed and up-dated regularly as needed.

Our children are encouraged to learn in small steps, often collaboratively, to develop the skills of lifelong learners who are adaptable and have transferable skills. We offer children a variety of practical elements of computing to engage them and develop their motor skills, as well as computational thinking. This will be achieved in a range of ways such as the use of logic bots, BBC micro bits and coding programmes appropriate for the age range and ability like Scratch and Kodu. Children will be supported to access multiple devices to enrich their learning and access image editing, animation and eBook creation.

Our computing curriculum is supported by our daily, touch typing lessons. We believe that the fluent use of a keyboard, allows room in children's brains to take in new technical content quickly, rather than being slowed down and limited by typing with perhaps just two fingers. Many of our children are reluctant writers and equipping them with the transferable skill of touch typing provides a real benefit to them being able to quickly word process in other curriculum areas.