Educational visits

Our students benefit significantly with access to concrete learning experiences relating to the real world and we are invested in a high level of offsite visits and outdoor learning opportunities. Educational Visits can help students develop:

·        Investigative skills

·        Independence skills

·        Planning and reviewing skills

·        Social skills

·        Relationships

·        Knowledge of the world around them

·        Knowledge of environmental issues

·        Site specific knowledge


We will always ask permission from parents/carers for students to take part in educational visits.  The students must:

·        Not take unnecessary risks;

·        Follow the instructions of the educational visit leader and other supervisors including those at the venue of the visit;

·        Dress and behave sensibly and responsibly;

·        Bring suitable provisions or equipment as requested by the visit leader.


Parents/carers should ensure that they:

·        Ensure that the school has up to date emergency contact number(s);

·        Provide the young person with appropriate provisions or equipment as requested by the visit leader;

·        Share relevant information about their physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing with the trip leader prior to the visit.