Science empowers students to explore the natural world through observation and experimentation. Students will explore ideas and theories developing their understanding of how the world works; testing and examining these hypotheses in the laboratory in the form of practical work or observing models to reveal concepts.

Students at the Henslow School will be able to combine evidence from observation and measurement with creative thinking, revealing new ideas and explanations for phenomena. They will develop skills to practically illustrate and prove or disprove concepts, utilising apparatus to demonstrate, replicate and model theories as an integral part of scientific studies.

Our students have the opportunity to develop their practical skills at their own pace with bespoke activities giving greater access to experimentation and exploration, which ignites their curiosity. It enables critical analysis of results and data that they have gathered, enabling informed decisions based on facts. The students are introduced to the range of careers science has to offer and the links between Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM); disciplines that are in demand in the modern world. These can be accessed by gaining qualifications at Entry Level and at GCSE.