For comprehensive details please refer to our admissions policy in the policies section.

The Henslow and Evolution school is an independent special school which welcomes students from right across the UK. Many students are looked after children who are placed in Shropshire with New Reflexions Care, the parent company by their local authority, the school also accepts day students who are living in foster care, residential care or are at home with families.

The school is fee paying and interested parents/guardians/carers would need to approach their local authority to seek agreement before applying for a place. 

Local Authority officers should find out whether their authority has commissioning arrangements already in place with New Reflexions and use these established channels or call our referrals manager at head office on 01939 210040.

In the first instance the Headteacher welcomes an informal approach by phone or email and may then arrange for a tour and chat. The school is very keen to receive all relevant information about any new referrals in order that the student can be appropriately matched to other young people already attending and to ensure that the school can offer the appropriate support and educational package to suit that individual student.