Our curriculum here at The Fitzroy Academy has been developed to be both broad and balanced putting the young person at the centre of all that we do.  

Our students learn in different ways and as such, we believe it is important for our curriculum to engage students in a creative and experiential manner. We ensure individuals are challenged in a way that aims high, but gives them opportunity to demonstrate their understanding in different ways.

We endeavour to ensure that our students develop the skills they need for a life-long learning journey through meaningful and fun activities including practical elements wherever possible. As well as focussing on our core vision, whilst also incorporating key learning drivers of community, creativity and well-being.

Learning is differentiated according to individual learning styles and needs in core subjects taking into account the particular barriers and vulnerabilities of each student.  The balance between cross-curricular themes and subject-specific ones will depend on the engagement and interest of the student, but assessment and tracking will in all cases relate back to each student’s starting point and in relation to their termly, annual and longer term targets including the outcomes set in the EHCP. 


The curriculum aims to:

  • Develop confidence
  • Increase independence
  • Promote social skills
  • Teach appropriate behaviour
  • Improve communication skills

Our curriculum ensures that all students receive experiences and opportunities to develop their knowledge and acquire new skills in ways that ensure the learning is relevant. The curriculum promotes students' holistic development through the inclusion of functional and subject specific skills and knowledge in a range of practical contexts. The curriculum is delivered through a topic-based approach, providing students with opportunities to make links between subject areas and consolidate learning in a range of activities and environments.