Our curriculum here at The Fitzroy Academy has been developed to be both broad and balanced putting the young person at the center of all that we do.  

Our students learn in different ways and as such, we believe it is important for our curriculum to engage students in a creative and experiential manner. We ensure individuals are challenged in a way that aims high, but gives them opportunity to demonstrate their understanding in different ways.

We endeavour to ensure that our students develop the skills they need for a life-long learning journey through meaningful and fun activities including practical elements wherever possible. As well as focussing on our core vision, whilst also incorporating key learning drivers of community, creativity and well-being. Our curriculum is organised around themes in Key Stage 2, each with a project focus. Our Connected Curriculum uses the Cornerstones Curriculum as the basis.

Key Stage 2 has imaginative Learning Projects (ILPs) which they will work through during the year, completing one project every half term. These projects are designed to provide exciting and motivating opportunities for cross-curricular learning within the context of the theme. Each project is broken down into the four cornerstones – Engage, develop, innovate and express. There is a clear progression of knowledge and skills. This topic based curriculum is delivered through creative and practical based learning whenever possible, to establish connections through connections and contextualised learning, promoting generalising skills for our students.

Learning is differentiated according to individual learning styles and needs in core subjects taking into account the particular barriers and vulnerabilities of each student.  The balance between cross-curricular themes and subject-specific ones will depend on the engagement and interest of the student, but assessment and tracking will in all cases relate back to each student’s starting point and in relation to their termly, annual and longer term targets including the outcomes set in the EHCP. 

Our curriculum for Key Stage 3 will be adapted from national curriculum subject content depending on the baseline assessments of the students. Through topics, students will be taught the knowledge and skills they need to develop for future learning, work and adult life.

Our English curriculum for KS2 and KS3 learners is linked to our topic themes and supported by carefully chosen, high quality texts.

Key Stage 4 students have the opportunity to follow a curriculum that prepares them for adult life as well as follow programmes of study towards accredited qualifications in Maths, English, Science, Personal and Social Development and Computing skills. In addition to this we aim to provide all students with an opportunity to experience a programme designed to reflect their interests and needs, which may include vocational opportunities.