Our Mission

‘Learning to be the best that we can be, by creating a positive, vibrant learning community where everyone is valued, challenged and inspired to achieve their unique potential’,

This statement truly permeates every aspect of school life here at The Fitzroy Academy and influences all we do. All staff have aspirational expectations for all students and we are committed to educational stability.

The Fitzroy Academy, part of the New Reflexions family, creates a nurturing atmosphere where all children are known to everyone and know everyone. Every student is treated as an individual and the New Reflexions philosophy, “If it isn’t good enough for your own child, it isn’t good enough”, is palpable in everyday school life.

At The Fitzroy Academy we work tirelessly to remove the perceived barriers to learning with which students with special educational needs and differences are frequently associated. Our small, highly supportive environment enables school staff to know each student well and teachers and teaching assistants to work collaboratively with parents/carers, the young person and other professionals to create a person-centred, functional, engaging and appropriate educational and personal development programme within our inclusive environment.   

Each student will be engaged in a learning programme that is appropriate to meet their needs, age and ability. Baseline assessments are used to formulate learning goals, decide on appropriate outcomes and target the curriculum to meet the needs of the young person as well as taking their interests into account. Literacy and Numeracy will remain at the core. Older students will have the opportunity to follow a range of accredited courses.

Progress will be constantly monitored in order to make necessary adaptations to teaching and learning with further support to stretch and challenge our students accordingly.